Project Natal Preview at Casual Connect Seattle 2009 Conference

Project Natal, the greatly anticipated addition to the Xbox 360 that was announced not to long ago at E3 is finally going to be shown to us in action. At the Casual Connect Seattle 2009 Conference sometime from 8:00 AM – 6:30 PM on July 21-23 we will get the chance to see and use the Project Natal at it’s current stage. It will be on one day for a limited time so you’ll have to be on the ball when it’s brought out if you happen to be there the day it’s been tested. If you’re interested in going there it’s going to cost you $450 per day that you plan on attending.

This is by far the biggest exhibit at the upcoming conference. There isn’t going to be anything else that is really jaw dropping (that we know of at least) besides this. We don’t even know which games we’ll get to use in the demo. Are they going to be the same ones we saw at E3 or some new ones? Expect to hear more about Project Natal and possibly more specifics about the exhibit as we near the date of the 2009 conference.


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