1 vs 100 May Not be Free

The original thoughts were that the arcade game 1 vs 100 would be free to Xbox Live Gold members. The beta was free to all users who had an Xbox Live Gold account, and those who had silver even got a chance to play it for a weekend. The arcade game was a hit (aren’t all free arcade games hits?) among all types of gamers. There was a pretty big audience for the game and it was oddly entertaining to all ages.

Microsoft spokesmen won’t comment on the games full versions pricing. They won’t confirm a free arcade game or if they’ll charge for it. They keep saying they don’t want to commit to anything at the current time and that they hope the game will be a great success.

I think the game will end up costing us a few hundred Microsoft Points. If it were going to be free, they’d get the hype starting now. Why they don’t just do advertising like they did in the beta and give the game to us for free, I’m not sure. Are you willing to pay even $5 for this game though? I don’t think I’d download it if it cost me money, but I’d be more than okay with a few ads being thrown at me in a sort of midgame style like they currently are.


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