1 vs 100 Suspected Release Date

Either Microsoft mad a mistake, or this was their way of telling us the release date of the full version of 1 vs 100. When you go into the beta of the game it shows the upcoming times for which you can play the game. The beta ends July 10th so one would assume the scheduled times would end at that date. Well it continues and gives time on August 30th. That’s nearly 50 days later. Plenty of time for them to finish and tweak any changes they needed to make from the beta. They wouldn’t release two beta’s.

So if you’ve been dying to play the full version of the game because of the actual physical prize incentives, your time is coming. When the full version comes out, gamers in certain countries are eligible to win some prizes. Whether you have to be really good at the game, or just play it a lot to win, I’m not sure. What do you guys think? August 30th definitely the release date or is this a mistake?


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