Project Lazarus to End Game Piracy and Shoplifting

The Entertainment Merchant Assosciation or EMA think they may have the solution to prevent the piracy and shoplifting of video games. The new system, if implemented, could change the way you purchase games. Games would no longer be kept behind glass walls needing to be unlocked and those annoying plastic locks wouldn’t be necessary either.

The proposed system would make a disc sitting on the shelves essentially worthless. When brought to the cashier the game would be activated after purchased. The activation would occur automatically requiring no physical codes or extra steps within the check out process.

The system is nowhere near flawless though. Just like software for the computer, there would be a way to jailbreak this process. If any online game verification is required, that would pose a problem for gamers who don’t play online. Would it change the way we buy and sell used games at all? With gaming companies slowly moving towards digital distribution of games anyways, will this even make a difference? By 2014, GameStop believes that the gaming industry will be at least 25% digitally distributed and from then on it will continue to grow.

While the concept may have benefitted us had it been launched 5 years ago, it’s a little too late. Project Lazarus will be completed, but the extent of its use will be severely limited. There is no estimate as to the projects completion, but it’s they are searching for a cost effective way of making this work on a large scale. Expect this to be around by 2011.


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