Finally, Recon Armor

Ever since the introduction of an armor that not everybody could get, it has been the most coveted item in the game. It has been begged for, it has encouraged users to spend hundreds of hours creating custom maps or game ideas, it has created those picture chain letters through sending a photo claiming you’ll get it by sending it to 25 others, and even caused a friend of my to follow and team kill a creator around all game, just to get the armor.

Finally, I see that Bungie is giving us a clear way of getting the Recon Armor. On July 7th (Bungie Day) we can play the creators of the game in some special playlists that feature 32 new map varients. How exactly you get it, they didn’t say. I’m guessing it has something to do with not only playing with one of the creators, but probably killing one.

If you want to get Recon Armor to show off in front of your friends, you’ll have 24 hours to try and unlock it. If you see a masterchief with a flaming helmet, you’re playing with a creator. Get excited, because I’m sure Recon has something to do with playing with a creator.


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