Amazon Trade In Service Most Desired

Amazons video game trade in service that was trying to take a stab at the income posted by GameStop in the used game buying and selling business. There is only one flaw with a company like Amazon doing this as compared to GameStop. Amazon just as easily lets users list their games with Amazon’s inventory (meaning right below or next to it). GameStop doesn’t allow for sale by customer shelves where you can list your price and get the money you deserve.

The most desired game according to Amazon’s trade in service is the SNES systems Earthbound game. This game is fetching the highest trade in price, currently getting you $30 Amazon trade in credit. This may seem like a good deal, but first check the going rate in the actual auction area. Sellers and buyers are trading it for $95 cash. Let this be a lesson, check the auctions before agreeing to the trade in credit.


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