Motion Control Isn’t For Everyone

Motion controlled gaming is not exactly a big deal to all types of gamers. There are many reasons people enjoy them, and then again, there are many reasons a gamer would rather just sit there with a standard controller and minimal movement. With Sony and Microsoft focusing greatly on this new technology and Nintendo simply expanding upon their current system we are leaving the door wide open in PC gaming.

My personal take on motion control is that it’s not that big of a deal at it’s current place. If I’m with friends, I’d enjoy playing with a motion control just to make the experience more of a loose, fun time. I don’t mind getting up and swinging the bat, driving the car, or shooting the enemy when I’m with friends; however, when I am alone and interested in some serious gaming, the Wii fails.

Sony and Microsoft will be able to fix the first issue. Graphics. The Wii’s graphics are terrible. It’s a childish interface to go along with the motion controls. I can’t see how a hardcore gamer would be interested in playing the games the motion control was made for. From the lazy point of view we see people playing video games to sit back and relax. If somebody wanted to go swing a golf club or swing a bat, they’d go outside and do it. When they are playing video games they just like to sit back and relax, not get up and work a sweat.

At it’s current place in time, it’s not ready to be a focal point. When I see a motion control system make my first person shooter experience more real I will go into it full force. Until I can play a first person shooter with a more realistic gameplay, I don’t think motion controls are a practical use for the money and attention it’s getting. Will I buy the Xbox 360’s new motion control system? Yes.


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