DJ Hero to Cost $120

On some of the top pre-sale sites such on the internet like Amazon and GameStop we are already seeing DJ Hero listed in their inventory. You are currently able to pre-order the game for a large sum of $120. That’s the price of two normal games before tax. DJ Hero comes out on October 27th of 2009, which is a mere two weeks before the newest Call of Duty game is set to launch with possible games like Diablo 3 rumored to be releasing around then as well. Will the gamers be willing to spend $120 to purchase another music game? Guitar Hero’s continued success no matter the time of launch has been partially due to the fact that pretty much all of us already have the guitars.

The music in the game is geared more toward teens. We will be able to play music that we would normally listen to and in a new way, turn table style. There probably won’t be a $60 game only version on the market until DJ Hero 2 comes around, but then again, who would want to play the game on a standard controller? Guitar Hero is pointless on a controller, I don’t see why this would be any different. What are your impressions on the game? Are you planning this into your fall gaming budget or waiting for a used version to come around?


2 Responses to “DJ Hero to Cost $120”

  1. yorave Says:

    At one point or another “All of us” had to pay for the guitar controller.
    If rhythm game sounds like fun and playing the turntable like a dj is attractive enough than the extra 60$ will not change much

    • LTNKidd Says:

      It wouldn’t change somebodies mind who really wants that game, but with the lineup coming out and a sticker price of $120 it will change many minds.

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