Left 4 Dead Series Not For PS3

Valve has decided that the original Left 4 Dead game and it’s sequel Left 4 Dead 2 are not going to be launched on the Playstation 3. They mentioned that it is so much easier to create games on the PC and Xbox 360 which allows them to complete the things they want to do easily and make the game experience a lot better compared the the Playstation 3 which has a very complex architecture making it very challenging and time consuming to create games for it.

What this means to me? The PS3 has such high quality graphic potential that you can’t slop a game together in less than 12 months and expect it to fly on the Playstation 3. Granted, there may be some minor programming complications, I see the problem being more in the high quality graphics. The machine is so much more powerful, I don’t see how it can limit what Valve could do, in fact, it should give Valve more options for the game than they get on the Xbox 360.

This is not the first time that Valve has ripped on the Playstation 3 for problems like this. I personally see it as not being capable or putting the time into a game to make it run as gamers would expect it to run. What’s your take on Valve’s apparent inability to publish on the Playstation 3?


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