Tiger Woods PGA Tour Francise $500 Million

EA Sports has just publicly announced that the Tiget Woods PGA Tour franchise has made over $500 million throughout it’s history. I’m assuming this is pure profit which doesn’t include game manufacturing and packaging or worker salarys. Seems a little lower than I would have thought for a game that is the standard in the market at the current time. If a game that’s not too terribly popular has made over $500 million, just imagine what the figures for Madden are.

EA has dominated the golf video game market throughout the years, and we can see that continuing at least through the next year. I think 2010 (or in sports video games, the 2011 series), it will be all about who can most realistically replicate the game to the highest standard with the motion sensing/cameras that the PS3, Xbox 360, and Wii will all have. I don’t think EA is going to be at the top of this.


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