Battlefield 3 Confirmed

Electronic Arts has recently confirmed that they are working on creating Battlefield 3. After buying Battlefield 2 for my Xbox 360 and then hearing about the failed Battlefield: Bad Company I’m starting to wonder whether this is a good thing. I’ve heard nothing but possitives from PC versions of battefield though. Too bad the average gamer doesn’t have a PC capable of running such games.

While it has been confirmed and gameplay has been seen, it is not expected to be released anytime this year. Hopefully this means they are working on perfecting the game and not focusing on releasing garbage and having to patch it up and then give us DLC because they failed to provide enough things to do in the first place. This game is a definite buy for the PC with a potential for consoles. We’ll see if there is room in the console market after Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 comes out.


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