Steam Members Boycott Left 4 Dead 2

Word going around gaming forums and blogs is that when Left 4 Dead 2 comes out, many gamers intend to boycott the purchase of the game. 10,000+ gamers have said they will hold true to this boycott. A successful game like Left 4 Dead coming out with a sequel? Half them won’t hold up to that. While Steam is trying to keep such talk off their forums (enforced with warnings and bans), it has still spread. The upset gamers aren’t so much angry about the games content as the projected release date. They feel as though they started working on this game right when the original Left 4 Dead was put on shelves last November. With 2 games in a year of the same title from the same company (Call of Duty game rotate between creating companies) they feel that the original game they forked out $60 for was not given the promised attention and updates they had expected to happen and still happen in the future.

I’m a bit indifferent on this as I didn’t purchase the game. I’ve heard so much about it, all of it possitve. I can understand the frustration of the gamers at having to buy yet another game and so soon after, but it’s no different than having to pay for 2 or 3 sets of DLC when you think about it. Some other things they are upset about are just plain picky. They are boycotting it because they don’t like some of the music, they don’t like how bright the game is, they don’t like the release date, and it goes on and on. They aren’t going to put a sequel, to a very successful game, on shelves unless it is a complete kick ass game. Complain and boycott all you want, this game is going to be a success.


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