Gears of War 2 Addon

July 28th we will see Microsoft release the Gears of War 2 addon that will include nineteen maps and a single player mission. Before you get too excited, there are not nineteen new ones. It will include the maps in the Flashback Map Pack, Snowblind Map Pack, and Combustible Map Pack. That leaves seven completely new maps for us to enjoy.

The price for all of this is going to be $20 I believe. This is an amazing deal because you’ll get at least twelve new maps if you’ve gotten none of the map packs yet and a new campaign mission. I will certainly consider purchasing this and enlivening my interest in the game once again. Whether it actually succeeds in doing that, I doubt, but with all the fun I had in the original Gears of War, I can only hope.


One Response to “Gears of War 2 Addon”

  1. brenda Says:

    give me one fags

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