NHL 2010 Announced

Some details about the NHL 2010 game have been released. Not that many, in fact, I don’t see why the announcement is lacking more details. Maybe I missed the bigger announcement. From what I’ve heard, they’ve put a lot of time into the fighting aspect of the game. It’s not really a huge part of the game, but it’s easily one of the most unreal parts of the game. They’ve made it in more of a first person view so that it’s more like you’re actually in the fight instead of in a floating camera above the fight. Whether they will change the controls to add more options or add more health is unclear.

Another small detail they decided to tell us to get us a bit pumped is that we are now going to be able to kick the puck with our skates. We can use this to do small kick passes that can set up some sweet plays. This will add a whole new aspect to the game because it will allow us to keep control of the puck in many difficult situations. Whether it will go over smoothly on the fly or not is the question. I’m a big NHL fan so I’m pumped for the new game.


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