MapleStory Hits 92 Million Users

So you thought that the World of Warcraft numbers were impressive when they reached 11 million users worldwide, but when you look at the stats for MapleStory you will be amazed. 92 million users, of which, I am not one. Having never played the game, I can’t really say much about it. There are probably many many users with multiple accounts as they are free for any user to create, but whether this is included in the 92 million users or not I am unsure.

The game is six years old, having been available in the United States for four of those years. This game rivals MMO’s like pay per month World of Warcraft and free to play Runescape. These are probably the three major MMORPGs out there, any of them are a great choice with your only regret being actually start to play these addicting games in the first place.


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