Sex Offenders in Texas May Encounter Problems

Sex offenders in the state of Texas may soon encounter a problem when it comes to online gaming (along with various other online activities). A new bill that recently passed the Texas senate may require sex offenders to register their usernames, surnames, pen names, and basically any kind of account they may have. This would include things like twitter, facebook, and even their Xbox Live Gamertag, PSN name, and Wii Friend Codes.

What would this mean for them? It may mean nothing in most situations, but I can see it affecting them greatly if it’s allowed to go as far as this. I wouldn’t be surprised to see their ability to use a mic to talk or the vision camera disabled. In fact, who knows if they’ll be able to even send text messages through these online gaming platforms. I don’t think that they will be limited in their online gaming oppertunities as far as what games they can play, but they will be encountering some new problems.

What this means for most of us? Absolutely nothing. It may limit the creepers who are a bit old to be talking to us anyways, but it shouldn’t have any negative affects on you. If it does, sorry to say but you deserve it.


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