Xbox 360 Motion Rumors Continue

The rumors have yet to cease about Microsoft possibly looking at introducing an advanced motion sensing system to the Xbox 360. It would require little more than a sensor bar, and possibly one of their webcams. My question is, why are the big blogs still talking about this? Didn’t I tell you guys months ago about the purchase of a motion sensing technology company by Microsoft?

If we see a motion sensor come out on the Xbox 360 we can pretty much assume that we won’t be seeing the Xbox 720 until 2011 at it’s earliest. They aren’t going to introduce something and be able to one up it so soon on a new console. We’ll have to wait until this years E3 in June. If Microsoft announces a new system, there will not be a motion sensor on the Xbox 360, if they don’t announce a new system we can celebrate and sit and wait for the new technology to reach our Xbox 360s.


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