Call of Duty Nazi Zombies

This is pretty much the sickest thing I’ve played on live lately. Getting in a party of four players and dominating in Nazi Zombies can produce hours of fun for everyone involved. The never ending, ever increasing, strength of the zombies gets to be overwhelming no matter the guns you have. It’s up to you and your friends to see just how long you can last.

There are many cheats to the game. I wouldn’t recommend them simply because what point is there in that? You are going to cheat just to kill zombies for hours on end. There are things like three guns, grenade glitches, and double tap glitches. These will surely be patched eventually, but until then they are for you to discover and use to your advantage if you really choose to.

There are also tons of strategies. You need to find a room that you can most effectively cover. The best option here would be to eventually put the person with the worst guns against the three windows and have the other three players guarding the entrance for the zombies from the other ten windows or so that you aren’t directly covering. Eventually you’ll need ray guns or some outstanding team work. What’s the farthest level you’ve gotten to? I got to 17 tonight, my first night owning the game.


Madden 10’s New Features

Finally, something new and unheard of was added to the Madden franchise in the upcoming Madden 2010 game. No longer will you have to switch between possessions, quarters, or halves when you’re playing with friends on live. They have finally allowed users to go co-op on xbox live and probably the PSN as well. This is something that they should have added years ago.

Is it worth getting another $60 game just for this? Probably not, but there are probably going to be adding many other new features to the game that will hopefully make the gameplay more realistic and fun for you to play. With Michael Vick back in the league I just hope they won’t give him a cannon for an arm and two wide receiver legs. He’s been in jail, no way he’s kept in peak form.

Non Current Posts

In the next few days I will be publishing some posts that don’t have to deal with current events and things like that. The reasoning being a very busy schedule. I will get you caught up on these events after next week ends and I get more time on my hands, but until then the posts will be generally flat articles that are either a rant about something in gaming or guides to a game. Basically, it will be what started the blog.

As always, I’m looking for guest bloggers, especially for times like this. I get busy, and trying to get a post up everyday gets harder and harder. If you’re interested in doing some guest posting on this blog, leave a comment with the email field filled out with a valid email that I can contact you at. It’s pretty fun blogging on a blog getting so much daily traffic.

Bioshock 2 Has a Release Date

Bioshock 2 was finally given a release date by Take-Two Interactive. The previous game was a game of the year winner. This title is one of the big games of the upcoming fall and holiday seasons. If you’re in North America, you’ll have to wait until November 3rd to get this game (7 days before call of duty 6). For some reason, they are releasing this game over seas first. If you live in Europe you should be able to buy this on October 30th.

I’ve yet to get the chance to play the original version of this game. Is this something you’d want to know the story line for or do you guys think the story of the first game will be irrelevant in the second? I’m probably not going to get the first simply because I don’ t have the time to play it so that I could justify buying it.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Trailer

Have you guys seen the newest trailer for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2? It’s looking intense. It looks more of a modern style swat type game in many situations compared to unrealistic desert maps and old style bunker type citys. This looks like a true example of modern warfare. It looks like it will appeal more to me than a Call of Duty 4 or 5 because of our abilitiies to relate to the games and settings compared to setting them in the desert in some rural poor country.

What do you guys think? Are you going to be picking this game up on the night it launches or simply pre-order it online? I think I will have to get this game at midnight. It releases on November 10th, 2009. 11-10-09.

Call of Duty: World at War Nazi Zombies

So I played the Call of Duty: World at War Nazi Zombies game mode for the very first time today and would have to say that this game mode is sick. If you have a lot of friends with the game, you’ll probably like playing this. It’s sort of the same concept as Horde in Gears of War 2 only it’s a lot more fun.

If you get into a big party with 4 or 5 of your friends (if this is allowed), you could go on for hours of fun. I only had the ability to play with one friend as I was playing split screen at a friends who only had two controllers, but I liked the concept and enjoyed the game type. I only wish you had the option of skipping the first few rounds somehow. It would make the game a lot better because these rounds are too slow and it’s pretty hard to die. Either that or speed them up.

I suggest that you go try this at a friends house if you don’t have the game yet. It’s made me want to actually buy the game, no matter how bad it really appeared to me. I’m looking for a used copy but the price of the game just won’t go down very far.

Rockstar Co-Founders Form New Company

The co-founders of the very successful gaming company Rockstar have formed a new company. The company is called 4MM Games. Word is that they will start off creating web-based projects as well as mobile games to start the company off and get the money coming in. After reaching enough success in this to get the money required to get a console game up and running, they will move to platform games, likely all three consoles.

With all of the gaming companies that have been here since the start of the industry running out of money, how can we expect them to start their companies in this economy. Maybe they’ll be a great success, but if they don’t get some quality games out soon, they’ll be broke. If they get on their feet soon, they could buy the rights to certain titles from some of these industry founders who are going to be going out of business soon.