Play Xbox Live Gold Free This Weekend

One of the few negatives to owning the Xbox 360 would be needing to pay to get on Xbox Live. It costs anywhere from $40-55 per year to play depending upon where and when you purchase your Xbox Live Gold Card. Well there is some good news for those of you holding out for xbox live gold to go free. This weekend, from May 1st until May 4th you’ll be able to get on and play with those of us who are paying for our memberships. For three days you will be able to get the full experience, and hopefully, it will be one that will have you on your way to Best Buy to purchase your Xbox Live Gold Card.

I really wish they would make Xbox Live free, especially now that both the Wii and Playstation are capable of going online and playing like on Xbox Live. The next version of the Xbox 360, be it the Xbox 720 or something else, will struggle in the market. Unless there is a hit game or we aren’t expecting Nintendo or Playstations new system shortly after, gamers will make the choice that is financially smart. Saving $50 a year by purchasing a different brand system that is pretty much equal in competition will be a common choice.


One Response to “Play Xbox Live Gold Free This Weekend”

  1. terrance neal Says:

    free membership for live please

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