1 vs 100 is Free

The hit show 1 vs 100 is going to be turned into an arcade game where we will finally be able to use our avatars. The game will probably only be popular for about 2 or 3 weeks after its launch because an arcade game, especially one as simplistic as this, can’t hold the attention like Call of Duty or Halo can.

What is the game going to cost you? Nothing. Looks like Microsoft is trying to win us over with a free arcade game! This was rather astonishing news to me especially after hearing about this game quite a bit in the last few weeks as being something I thought would be mildly successful for the Xbox Live Marketplace.

So, if you want to be able to beat this game in a timely fashion then you’ll want to get the download early and play it out while it’s still easy to find people to fill the stands. You’ll have more troubles being the 1 later down the road than the 100. I’d suggest getting all the achievements as the 1 and then moving onto the 100 part. You’ll never have trouble being part of the 100 and it will reduce waiting time down the road.


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