Slow Times

It seems like the gaming industry is really lacking a solid release. There hasn’t been much released lately, and anything that has been released isn’t worth telling you guys about. There hasn’t really been any solid series games out in a while, and the only thing we’ve seen of late is DLC for games and it’s not exactly the greatest DLC out there.

This is clearly a result of the depression we are in. Remember a few months ago how I was posting about workers being laid off and companies even closing or selling? Well I don’t know if you remember but I did list off some games that were in the planning stages, even close to developement, and they had to be put aside or even abandoned altogether. This is the time we would have seen some of those games including the Halo MMORPG. These games would have been hitting the shelves this spring or possibly this summer. The next big hits I can think of are the new Lord of the Rings and CoD4v2.


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