Madden NFL 2010 Cover

The new Madden NFL 2010 cover athelete has not only been announced, but they also have a picture of the cover. Did I forget to mention it is atheletes this year. This is the first time in Madden history they will be featuring two players on one cover. We have Larry Fitzgerald from the Arizona Cardinals and Troy Polamalu of the Pitsburg Steelers. These two dominant players in the NFL have certainly earned the spot, choosing one over the other would have been a very hard thing to do. I think it is interesting to see two atheletes on the cover, but also a bit overkill. It looks sweet initially, but it’s too much.

Madden NFL 2010 Cover

Madden NFL 2010 Cover

You will be able to pick up your copy of Madden NFL 2010 on August 14th 2009. From the screenshots I’ve seen so far, this game looks to be beast in graphics. It may not have changed too much since the 2009 game, but the graphics and updated rosters make it worth paying another $60 to get in the game. “EA Sports, it’s in the game.”


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