Assassins Creed iPhone

I didn’t know anything about this until now, it’s release. Gameloft developed the app for the iPhone and it just released to the app store. There is apparently seen hours of gameplay on this small little application. Whether it will consist of the same eagle spot climbs, spying, pickpocketing, and endless sword to sword battles that you win no matter how outnumbered you are, is to me, a mystery. I hope this doesn’t continue on the app.

Assassins Creed: Altiars Chronicles is going to put you in the shoes of Altiar again for some epic quest that will apparently end the crusades by stealing a simple chalice from the templars. This seems to be one of the more promising iPhone games that I’ve heard of, but we’ll see how the graphics and interface of the hit video game transfer over to the mobile platform. Get pumped for Assassins Creed II. It’s starting to look pretty amazing.


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