NHL 2009 Roster Update

EA Sports has just done a roster update on NHL 2009 in the last few days. This means that the teams, players, and karma have all been updated according to their performance in the NHL right now. Those teams destined for the playoffs are probably receiving a boost to just about everything. Those teams who are slowly starting to fall out of contension seem to have been docked in the game. Really, all the updates are doing are making the good teams better, and the lesser teams worse.

My team did fairly well in the update. The New Jersey Devils. I’m not that big of a hockey fan, but the game is dirty. It has improved immensely since the last game I played which was the 2007 edition. I can’t wait for 2010 where they can perfect all the recent additions to the game. There are still a few kinks they need to work out, but slowly with each update, including roster updates, we see them perfecting the game.


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