Fallout: The Movie?

Bethesda trademarked ‘Fallout’ on February 5th in relations to movies and television. Does this mean that they are coming out with a movie? Not exactly. They are simply preventing somebody else from coming out with the movie, or at the very least, trademarking the name and then reselling it back to them if they ever wanted a movie.

Personally, I really enjoy the story line to the game. I’m not quite sure whether I’d prefer it as a tv show or a movie. A movie would mean that so much is going to get cut out of it; however, there would be so much better graphics and quality of the content than if it were in a tv show. If they decided to make it into a tv series then we would see a more slower, accurate potrayal of the game as we know it, but again, the quality of the show would really suffer from what we expect out of it.

I think they might have to go into the movie format if they did it at all. I’d expect to hear more about this when we see the Gears of War movie released in theatres. This will give them a good idea as to whether the game to movie switch really works well or if there isn’t much room for profit. We know the movie to game switch is a complete failure. What are your thoughts? Would you go to this movie and would you watch it as a tv series?


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