Mythic Map Pack Sucks!

I just downloaded the mythic map earlier today, and let me be the first to tell you, it sucks! The sand map was probably the one I’d heard the most about. I’d heard they were really focusing on the forge mode for it. Well in reality, when you go to forge and clear the map, there is really much they can do with it. If we don’t have many options in forge, what is the point of doing a map based upon the forge options if we aren’t given much of an oppertunity to forge it.

Orbital and Assembly are both rather strange maps. They are both pretty cramped maps. There isn’t much room to manuever and get away from grenades and recharge your shields. You can get shot from very far distances in very cramped quarters. Personally, eventhough these maps aren’t going to be free to us, probably ever, unless you want the achievements. They are nothing special, so it’s no race to get the map pack. You’ll need 800 Microsoft Points for the map pack.

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One Response to “Mythic Map Pack Sucks!”

  1. tony Says:

    I agree, it’s not the greatest.

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