2,500,000,000 Achievements Unlocked

Xbox Live Achievements are something of pride to hard core gamers. Having a high gamer score can mean one of many things. Either you cheated to get them as some achievements can be glitched if you borrow an account that has them, you have no life, or quite possibly, you are a 1337 gamer. Which is what this blog was started focusing on. 2,500,000,000 achievements have been unlocked for a total gamerscore of over 52,000,000,000. You can put me down for nearly 10,000 of that.

This is a pretty big milestone. It has me wondering whether they will hit the 5 billion mark before they come out with a new system, and whether or not our gamerscore will transfer to the new system with our Gamertags. If you want some easy achievements I’d suggest either Cars the video game or the avatar last airbender. Apparently, these are two of the easiest games to get the max 1,000 gamerscore on.


2 Responses to “2,500,000,000 Achievements Unlocked”

  1. RB Says:

    I Agree. LOL

  2. deadlyfishy Says:

    Avatar is definitely easy, but there are quite a few that are easier than Cars, such as all 2k6 sports games.

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