Fallout 3 ‘The Pitt’ Download Problems

Bethesda Softworks is reporting many problems having occured with the release of their latest downloadable content which is titled “The Pitt”. With all the problems making the game very buggy, Bethesda Softworks has been forced to update it twice already. If you are still receiving problems it is probably a result of you failing to download the most recent update to the DLC. You should be prompted when signing into Xbox Live, but if you don’t generally plug into Xbox Live unless you know there is an update you may have missed this.

If worse comes to worse, you can simply delete it off your harddrive and go back to the marketplace to download it free. You won’t be charged Microsoft Points twice, trust me on this. Once the download has been purchased it is then credited to your account. In fact, you could probably go to a friends house and download the new content onto his Xbox too. Granted, the only way he would be able to use them is if he takes them off your account and puts them onto an Xbox like many people do with Halo maps.


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