Play Xbox Live Gold Free This Weekend

One of the few negatives to owning the Xbox 360 would be needing to pay to get on Xbox Live. It costs anywhere from $40-55 per year to play depending upon where and when you purchase your Xbox Live Gold Card. Well there is some good news for those of you holding out for xbox live gold to go free. This weekend, from May 1st until May 4th you’ll be able to get on and play with those of us who are paying for our memberships. For three days you will be able to get the full experience, and hopefully, it will be one that will have you on your way to Best Buy to purchase your Xbox Live Gold Card.

I really wish they would make Xbox Live free, especially now that both the Wii and Playstation are capable of going online and playing like on Xbox Live. The next version of the Xbox 360, be it the Xbox 720 or something else, will struggle in the market. Unless there is a hit game or we aren’t expecting Nintendo or Playstations new system shortly after, gamers will make the choice that is financially smart. Saving $50 a year by purchasing a different brand system that is pretty much equal in competition will be a common choice.


1 vs 100 is Free

The hit show 1 vs 100 is going to be turned into an arcade game where we will finally be able to use our avatars. The game will probably only be popular for about 2 or 3 weeks after its launch because an arcade game, especially one as simplistic as this, can’t hold the attention like Call of Duty or Halo can.

What is the game going to cost you? Nothing. Looks like Microsoft is trying to win us over with a free arcade game! This was rather astonishing news to me especially after hearing about this game quite a bit in the last few weeks as being something I thought would be mildly successful for the Xbox Live Marketplace.

So, if you want to be able to beat this game in a timely fashion then you’ll want to get the download early and play it out while it’s still easy to find people to fill the stands. You’ll have more troubles being the 1 later down the road than the 100. I’d suggest getting all the achievements as the 1 and then moving onto the 100 part. You’ll never have trouble being part of the 100 and it will reduce waiting time down the road.

Slow Times

It seems like the gaming industry is really lacking a solid release. There hasn’t been much released lately, and anything that has been released isn’t worth telling you guys about. There hasn’t really been any solid series games out in a while, and the only thing we’ve seen of late is DLC for games and it’s not exactly the greatest DLC out there.

This is clearly a result of the depression we are in. Remember a few months ago how I was posting about workers being laid off and companies even closing or selling? Well I don’t know if you remember but I did list off some games that were in the planning stages, even close to developement, and they had to be put aside or even abandoned altogether. This is the time we would have seen some of those games including the Halo MMORPG. These games would have been hitting the shelves this spring or possibly this summer. The next big hits I can think of are the new Lord of the Rings and CoD4v2.

New Xbox 360 Achievement Rules

Microsoft has recently changed the rules regarding achievement points for games. There is now a set maximum that was implied earlier, but apparently not really closely followed. It used to be, a maximum of 1,000 per game plus an additional 250 allowed for DLC additions released on the marketplace. Games like Fallout 3 and Halo 3 have clearly broken this set limit which has caused the new ruling for achievements.

It is now limited at 1,750 achievement points per game in no more than 80 different achievements. The only exception to this would be the Orange Box which is already above this level. The 750 extra points can only be gotten through adding DLC, 250 points at a time. You can either add all 750 of them three quarters after the games release (9 months) or add 250 quarter (3 months) until you reach the maximum.

Not sure how this will affect the number of achievements and the value of them. I’m sure, if anything, this will end up hurting the gamers and requiring us to spend a ton of time working to get a few of the really hard achievements. Personally, I don’t care for achievement points as I once did. They have really lost interest to me except for the slight competition between me and my real life friends.

Forza 2 Mustang Exclusive

If you play Forza 2 then you have to check this out. You can get an exclusive release of the Forza 2 Major Nelson Mustang. This is going to be available only to people who comment on the following post on his blog. It will be automatically credited to your account.

From the pictures that I can see, it looks like a pretty sweet ride. I’ve never played the game so I’m not sure whether this is so much cooler than the other cars or not. I’m sure it’s a decent ride in the game as they wouldn’t give away a crap ride. Go here and comment to get this car credited to your account. Hurry up though!

Madden NFL 2010 Cover

The new Madden NFL 2010 cover athelete has not only been announced, but they also have a picture of the cover. Did I forget to mention it is atheletes this year. This is the first time in Madden history they will be featuring two players on one cover. We have Larry Fitzgerald from the Arizona Cardinals and Troy Polamalu of the Pitsburg Steelers. These two dominant players in the NFL have certainly earned the spot, choosing one over the other would have been a very hard thing to do. I think it is interesting to see two atheletes on the cover, but also a bit overkill. It looks sweet initially, but it’s too much.

Madden NFL 2010 Cover

Madden NFL 2010 Cover

You will be able to pick up your copy of Madden NFL 2010 on August 14th 2009. From the screenshots I’ve seen so far, this game looks to be beast in graphics. It may not have changed too much since the 2009 game, but the graphics and updated rosters make it worth paying another $60 to get in the game. “EA Sports, it’s in the game.”

Assassins Creed iPhone

I didn’t know anything about this until now, it’s release. Gameloft developed the app for the iPhone and it just released to the app store. There is apparently seen hours of gameplay on this small little application. Whether it will consist of the same eagle spot climbs, spying, pickpocketing, and endless sword to sword battles that you win no matter how outnumbered you are, is to me, a mystery. I hope this doesn’t continue on the app.

Assassins Creed: Altiars Chronicles is going to put you in the shoes of Altiar again for some epic quest that will apparently end the crusades by stealing a simple chalice from the templars. This seems to be one of the more promising iPhone games that I’ve heard of, but we’ll see how the graphics and interface of the hit video game transfer over to the mobile platform. Get pumped for Assassins Creed II. It’s starting to look pretty amazing.