Amazing Race: The Video Game

CBS, the creators of the reality tv show called The Amazing Race is coming to gaming systems. The game is said to follow the traditional format of the actual game. You will receive a partener and you will travel across the countries completing different puzzles and challenges. There will also be Roadblocks, Detours, and Fast Forwards as in the real game show.

I am curious as to how this game will end up. I watched the first few seasons of this show on TV and then got sick of it. It’s the same thing over and over. I don’t see how it will easily be repeated in a video game. I mean, how do they deal with your partner quitting? How is the game going to keep the experience the same with all those difficult tasks, while still making it fast loading and capturing the many difficulties of the game.

There have been no formal announcements as to what systems the game will be coming out for. My guess is the Xbox 360 and possibly the Playstation 3 depending upon the quality of their online connection in larger player games. The PC version is probably a no simply because of the lack of mics in computer gaming.


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  1. Phil Says:

    Nice write-up

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