Blizzard Entertainment New Franchise In Progress

Good news to those of you currently enjoying one of Blizzards massively successful games such as World of Warcraft. They are apparently working on some sort of secret game to add to their collection. They haven’t announced any title, yet they are searching for a programmar.

“Blizzard Entertainment is seeking an experienced gameplay engineer to focus on game rules systems for an unannounced title.”

Hopefully this is going to be something as big as World of Warcraft. It would be nice to see another huge game on the market that is currently being dominated by WoW, Halo, Call of Duty, GTA, and the various instrument games. You never know what to expect from Blizzard.

I’m guessing this is some sort of MMORPG or simple RPG that they are hoping will launch off of World of Warcrafts success. A first person shooter wouldn’t be out of the question though. If you are a gameplay engineer try applying for this job. It would be a very rewarding one.

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One Response to “Blizzard Entertainment New Franchise In Progress”

  1. Oyun Says:

    Love Blizzard. Also warcraft series…

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