LTN News

Blogs starting to age here and it’s had better than expected progress. The only thing the blog has failed to do is to receieve a few guest bloggers who would like an account on here that would like to try and post some original content of their own each day, each week, or every other week. As often as you’d like.

The blogs getting to be a bit of a burden trying to upkeep, but the traffic it’s generating keeps it interesting enough. How many readers out there do I have that read this blog on a regular basis? Just leave some comments with how long your been following my blog, and if you’d be interested in some guest posts.


2 Responses to “LTN News”

  1. Booshambles Says:

    Hey, i have been reading every day for a month now, its just added into my daily reading bookmarks along with teamxbox and eurogamer. I might do a guest writing thing, need to update my own website first, i will add your link to my site.

    • LTNKidd Says:

      Glad to see I have at least one daily, or close to daily, reader. Let me know if you’re still interested in guest blogging here.

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