NHL 2009 Owns

Just my simple review of the game. It has improved greatly since the last version I played which was 2009. I’d have to say this is now the most realistic sports game for a video game system. The graphics are good, the tricks are good, the shooting is pretty good, and of course the overal interface is good. I do have two complaints about the game still. You don’t see realistic hit reactions. If you just get crushed I don’t see how you’re still standing. The second thing I don’t like is how fast the players get up. They slide for the puck or to block the puck and they are almost instantly on their feet reday to go.

If you haven’t put money into the NHL hockey game in the last year or two it is definitely worth your purchase. The game has everything it needs and more. It is so addicting, and very challenging to learn and compete to be the best. Let me know if you want to play me in NHL 2009. I might just take you up on that offer. I’m not amazing though so you’ll have to bear with me while I learn the game a bit more.


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