Mobile Awards

GDC ran its second annual mobile games contest and determined the winners. The winners split the $30,000 pot, and get to show off their games at the GDC IFG Mobile pavillion. This years competition was completely dominated by iTouch and iPhone games; however, the DS did sneak one into the winners. The following are the finalists chosen as the mobile games of the year.

  • Best Game: Fieldrunners (Subatomic Studios) – iPhone/iPod Touch
  • Innovation in Mobile Game Design: Galcon (Hassey Enterprises) – iPhone/iPod Touch
  • Achievement in Art: Fieldrunners (Subatomic Studios) – iPhone/iPod Touch
  • Technical Achievement: Real Racing (Firemint) – iPhone/iPod Touch
  • Audio Achievement: Zen Bound (Secret Exit) – iPhone/iPod Touch
  • The Next Great Mobile Game: Reflection (Team Reflection) – Nintendo DS
  • Best iPhone Game: Zen Bound (Secret Exit) – iPhone/iPod Touch

It appears as though the iPhone market is slowly becomming a large enough market that it makes sense for large video game companies to start to create games for the iPhone. If there were some sort of popular MMORPG to come to the iPhone there would be huge excitement in the gaming word. As for now, these are the best of the best. Let’s hope they are stepping stones to something much greater.


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