Sony to Charge for Hosting DLC

This is some pretty big news. Sony is now going to start charging companies for the hosted DLC. They are charging $0.16 per 1gb of downloads served. With each map pack and arcade type games on the Xbox Live Marketplace being almost 1gb it’s going to be interesting to see how the companies react to this. They may start to release DLC only on the Xbox 360 system as a way of retaliation against Sony.

What it really comes down to is, who gets how much of the price paid for the DLC to begin with. If the companies are receiving all of the money for DLC then it’s a wise move by Sony to start charging. If Sony already is receiving money for providing the download, they are just stupid for asking for more.

What this will really do is eliminate anybody from putting free DLC up. Think about game demo’s, music videos, avatars, and themes. (I’m a 360 gamer, not sure if you can download this on PSN yet.) These free items will cost the companies a lot of money in the end, when they are making nothing off of them.

While this doesn’t affect you upfront, you can also start to think about how the prices for the DLC are going to be affected. The companies can start charging you more for the DLC now that they are being charged more to allow you to download it. This was a very dumb move in my mind. Sony isn’t profitting from the PS3 yet, and it’s clear they are making a move at earning some extra income.


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