Guitar Games Getting Old

With the release of the Guitar Hero’s and Rock Bands appearing to be a yearly or even more frequently released game, are you getting sick of the game itself or just buying the new games? I mean really, with the exceptions of the music, I get the same game experience in GH2 that you will get in GH5. They really have nothing new to offer except a forced $60 disc to send you. If the systems continued to just add new tracks for small fees wouldn’t they be making almost as much yet giving us the better deal?

Why not look into other knock off games that are being released in the next few months. There is this DJ Hero game coming out soon that looks like a very similar concept with a new twist. With DJ Hero we can expect to see a new music genre altogether being exposed to the market. This will put the more hip hop rap type of songs into the market to hopefully knock off the reliance on the guitar games.


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