Pac-Man 30th Anniversary In 2010

Pac-Man is going to hit it’s 30th anniversary in 2010. With it’s 30th anniversary they have plans on a come back of the yellow dot. While previous attempts at reliving it’s glory days have come and gone on various systems, they are giving it yet another shot.

Personally, I didn’t think the Gamecube version of Pac-Man that I owned was really all that bad. I mean, if you are at the right age and you have an interest in those sort of games it’s a blast. While they will never be able to create a game better than their original Pac-Man game, Namco can sure live off the success of it throwing out mock after mock.

Would you consider buying any sort of pac-Man related game or do you think you’d stick to the classic? Personally, I’ll stick to the classic because there is really no way they can best that. Any new remake is going to get too complicated into graphics, objectives, and numerous different buttons, that you won’t be able to just sit back and enjoy it like the classic. Still, I’m interested in learning more about it.


One Response to “Pac-Man 30th Anniversary In 2010”

  1. ediva75 Says:

    Are you kidding me. I love the classic Pacman. Shoot I have recently purchased the old school tabletop arcade and the nintendo ds versions of Pacman in that Namco Museum package on Ebay. I also have that Namco Museum for PS2. I don’t play it though on PS2 and I am too lazy to play it there!! LOL

    I started thinking about Pacman and have been on a crazy for a few weeks about it.

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