GameTap Drops Mac Support

GameTap is adding some improvements to their service and their website to make your experience much simpler. You will now be able to launch the games from your desktop, start menu, or at the website. This should make it a bit easier to actually get in the game.

The bad news that is with this change, they are dropping Mac support. While the majority of users, more specifically gamers, are using PCs, who is left for the Macs? I mean, sure there are a few inferior services, but this is definitely going to limit the options of Mac users. This leaves a big opening for a new company, and may hurt GameTap immensely in this bad economy.

Any of you guys Mac users out there that will be affected by this? By this I mean, do you use GameTap and is this going to be a big loss to you?

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One Response to “GameTap Drops Mac Support”

  1. Christopher Says:

    i use a mac but i wont be affected by this at all; i use bootcamp to boot into windows and play my games on steam (counterstrike, l4d, etc) is there anything sweeter than shoving it in pc’s face? lol

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