Spore Ipod Touch Application

All of you Ipod Touch and Iphone users out there have something that could possibly excite them. Spore is looking to move into the Apple App store, and with that, bringing a whole new meaning to multi-platform gaming. Even better, they are looking for somebody to do it for them. That’s a bit interesting.

They are running a contest for programmers to make the game themselves. The only drawback is that no serious programmers will be interested in the job as the winner only receives a simple computer graphics card. I mean come on, at least dish out a 32gb Itouch with the game preloaded on it or something.

There is no real release day set yet, but expect this to be here by summer. Just in time to get it before traveling on those long car rides. What do you guys think? I never actually played the real spore game so I don’t know how much of a success the game really is. I personally, don’t like the game because it doesn’t interest me. To somebody who likes this game, it might be the single greatest achievement yet.


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