Valve to Update Team Fortress Scout Abilities

Valve is going to be upgrading the techniques of the different classes in Team Fortress. They are announcing the updates day by day, which is a bit slow for my taste. If they want to build anticipation for it why not release all the new techniques at once so that we can get excited. Anyways, the first of the new techniques was announced today.

Today, they announced that the scouts bat will have a new special ability. It will be able to hit baseballs at other players. If hit by a baseball the player will be temporarily stunned for you. Whether this means they will be stunned long enough for you to switch weapons or not is the main question. Apparently, the further away from you that they are when the ball finally hits them will determine how long your enemy is going to be stunned. This leads me to believe that if you snipe them from some distance away that you will probably have time to switch to your gun to shoot them. The only bad thing is that you won’t be able to double jump when you have this bat equiped.

Check out my blog for more updates to the game. All of the updates should be taking place on February 24th. Who knows what this could do to the pricing of the game. To be safe, I’d suggest downloading it now if you haven’t already. It’s a good game, and I’m considering putting it on my computer as the Xbox 360 version doesn’t appear as though it will have these updates anytime soon.


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