Halo Wars Sets Download Record

Remember a few days ago how I mentioned that the download was slow due to the high volume of downloads? It doesn’t appear as thought that has slowed down as it set the single day record for more downloads of a demo. A total of five days after the premiere of the demo, a total of 2,000,000 demos had been downloaded.

While if any game were to do it, Halo is the one that would hit that, but Halo Wars? I didn’t realize that Halo Wars would be this successful. Granted it is leaching off of the popularity of the actual Halo series, I would have thought the games vast differences would have been made clear by now.

This is a real time strategy game. It’s not your conventional shoot-em-up. I haven’t gotten a chance to get to this demo yet as I really am not that interested in the game. What do you guys think from the demo? Is this game ready for launch? Is it really worth the $60 to purchase it?


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