Gears of War: The Movie

The fact that the Gears of War games are being made into movies is nothing real new. Just though I’d update you guys on the creators and a bit more into detail than the fact that it’s being made. Len Wiseman and Chris Morgan are going to be co-writing the movies. Wiseman has written in movies like “Rise of the Lycans” and “Live Free or Die Hard”, while Morgan has written for “The Fast and the Furious”.

With writers like that, this movie can’t fail, or can it? Apparently, the movie is taking more of a sci-fi look at the game instead of focusing on the locust horde. I mean really, what would the game be without the horde? It’s not going to ruin the movie, but it will disappoint. They are looking at making it a trilogy. Does this mean a Gears of War 3 is certain (don’t worry, there will be a GoW3) or that they will leave us hanging in the movie and turn two games into three movies? Whatever the case, expect to see trailers for this. Maybe we’ll see this late fall of 2009?


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