Gears 2 Fails Yet Again

With the first and second patches coming and going, it leaves gamers wondering, what is going on over there? Gears of War was the biggest hit for quite some time. Only being drowned out with the release of Halo 3. They changed so much with the game and the game play and it’s not going over well.

When coming out with sequels to games, you really have to consider how additions can change the game play. Those mortar launchers are ridiculous. The shotgun is under powered. The sudden jolt forward with the chain saw is garbage. The maps, are terrible to say the least. Half these maps would be sick Call of Duty maps, but not Gears of War maps.

I don’t see why they are having so much troubles with the game. I mean honestly had they made it almost exactly the same with better graphics, similar maps, and all the same guns, nobody would have minded. I am personally looking forward to a third, and hopefully final upgrade. Switch out some guns, add some new free maps and they’ll be good to go. Without this, watch the game fade into nothing.


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