Xbox 720

Xbox 720 is the pre-announcement accepted name for the next Xbox. Xbox 720 is by no means the name of the next system, nor is it even suggesting that there is a new system in the works even. In my mind, Microsoft has got to be working on the Xbox 720. They are slowly losing console sales and the wii is completely dominating the markets.

With an upgrade like the Xbox 720 there would be a huge boost in the Microsoft stock. The Xbox 720 will have a lot to live up too however. They will need a motion sensing system like the Wii, they need to use Blu-Ray discs, and it needs to be powerful, yet affordable. Something the PS3 was unable to master. Playstation hasn’t even profitted off of the PS3 yet. That’s not good.

Why should they update now? Well, personally the Xbox 360 is slowing down. If they came out with the best system they’d dominate the market. They already have the best online gaming system. The Xbox 720 could be a dominant system well into 2015 even. There are some photoshopped ideas of the Xbox 720, but none of them are likely legit.

Believe it or not, new systems are generally not a good thing for the companies. The PS3 loses money for Sony when they sell. They make it back in games hopefully. The Xbox 720 would require such advanced software and components that not only will it cost us a lot to purchase, the Xbox 720 will have to sell well below market value to even be close to being competition with the Wii.

To wait or be the first? That’s a tough decision for Microsoft. It could be the difference between a huge profit or lost money. What do you guys think? Should they come out with the Xbox 720 if one came out in 2009?


17 Responses to “Xbox 720”

  1. Kai Ruben Solvang(MrQ666) Says:

    Microsoft shold make the new Xbox 720 or what it ganna be called, like the 360. becous if they opgrade it to much so I and other pleyers i know dont kan gett thows achievements, and if we dont can use the old gamer tag Microsoft ganna lose meny players. I know its ganna be a good machin but if we do not can use the old games and everything of the 360, you ganna lose meny money and pleyers…

  2. Charl Says:

    I really don’t think an upgrade is necessary by now… and I don’t know why you say the 360 is loosing “terrain”… but is totally on the other way, the console war is between Sony and Microsoft… Wii is totally focused on a different marked, games, interaction, etc… Can’t see any valid point here.

  3. Dino Gericke Says:

    They should not come out with a new system for a few more years, say like 8-10 more years. One because, the economy needs to settle itself first. if they don’t wait than they are just going to wast money making them and no one will buy them. so wait till the economy stabilizes it’s self than come out with it when people have money to buy it and are not watching how much money they are spending. Don’t get me wrong i like the Xbox 360 but i have a ps3 because it is at the moment a better system than the Xbox 360.

  4. matthew polyak Says:

    i think that if microsoft does come out with a new xbox720 they should make it so that all 360 games can transferr onto it. anouther big thing is when i had my normal xbox i wasnt able to transferr all of my saved games and i had to start from scratch. so i think taht when theyk come out with the new xbox they should make the memory from 360s transferable as well with the games. i think that they should also make the price for the new xbox only like in the 300s-400s. and they shouldn’t have like different types od 720 like the 306 arcade pro and elite. i think that that is pretty dum.

  5. logan Says:

    instead of focusing on making a new system they should be working on the 3 red rings problem thats pissen people off.

  6. vasili-illi Says:

    true dat

  7. JD Says:

    I think that they need to focus on the 3 rings also, and 360s aren’t slowing down.

  8. Wii Gamer Says:

    I bookmarked this page. I really like your site. I’ll bookmark the other pages when I have time 🙂

  9. Solie101508 Says:

    I’m looking to buy a 360, or a PS3,for myself.My son has a 360 already and I like it but I’ve never played a PS3 enough 2 tell if I like it which is the better system???

  10. Cod Pro Says:

    of course the should make a new one

  11. What? Says:

    What..? You people are retarded.

    When the new Xbox arrives, Of course you’ll be able to play 360 games on it as well as original Xbox games.

    Anyone who disowns Microsoft’s machine should be destroyed. Microsoft will rain victorious every time.

  12. Chad Says:

    The “Xbox 720” will probably come out before Nintendo or Sony make a move with coming out with a new system but I do not see it happening until 2011 or 2012. There’s always a 6 to 7 year gap in new consoles, 2009 would be far too early.

  13. brandon solsten Says:

    the 720 or whatever it will be called should come out ya the economy is screwed and needs to chill i agree but for microsoft to make a new system now and have it come out sooner rather then later it will help the economy ppl will buy it no matter the price it needs to happen and happen soon 360 is old now love it to death but alot of you agree its getting up there but yes a new system better internals and faster prosessor would be nice i know alot of you will agree

  14. Cedric Bale Says:

    Yeah, it’s pretty much a completely absurd idea that Microsoft will be releasing the next Xbox -any- time soon. Maybe in five years or so.

    On the other hand, that’s an awesome picture. Wanna’ get my 360 modded into something like that, lol.

  15. brett wilson Says:

    xbox players will soon change to the ps3 i have becuase it is much better and it is free to go online

  16. Luke Says:

    Yea I like what charls sed xbox and ps3 are both aiming for good graphics and games were as the wii is all about motion so u cant really compare them.

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