No Blu-Ray for 360

There are apparently three reasons Microsoft won’t be giving us Blu-Rays for our Xbox 360’s, and personally, I don’t blame them. There is really no need for Blu-Ray at the current time. It’s severely overpriced for what you get out of it.

The first reason is that it’s not really something being requested all that much. There are more things needing their attention than adding Bl-Ray players to it. Spending time working on putting in a Blu-Ray player would be essentially worthless.

Next we have the technical problems it brings up. If they were to start installing Bru-Ray players into the new Xbox 360’s that are put on shelves the game companies would have to start producing games on Bru-Ray discs. This would make the previously sold systems worthless.

Lastly there is the price. It would bump the price of the Xbox 360 back up high. The price cuts have been a big reason for the recent sales of the systems. Raising the price back up, no matter the upgrades, will only slow them dow.

Blu-Ray will not be in the Xbox 360. I think at best it will be worked into the next system as the price for Blu-Rays and Blu-Ray technology goes down. By then, the actual Blu-Ray player will no be necessary. What’s your take? Is it needed or is the 360 doing fine without it?


One Response to “No Blu-Ray for 360”

  1. evilman160 Says:

    i’m pretty blue ray is backwards compatible with DVD so that may not be an issue. If it was in the 360 then they would suddenly have to start make games in both blu-ray and dvd so all xboxs can play games. The only way a 360 would ever have blu-ray is if it was an external player like the old hd dvd player that got discontinued

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