WoW Hits 11.5 Million

World of Warcraft has recently reached 11.5 million players world wide! That is an extraordinary number considering the monthly fee to even play the game. That’s a profit of at least $50 million a month (I’m not too sure of the monthly fees). 11.5 million people out of several billion in the world. That’s a pretty large percent of the population playing a single game if you think about it.

Included in this 11.5 million are the 4 million copies of the Wrath of Lich King in it’s first month! Blizzard is making a lot of money, and churning out hit after hit. If they keep up this rate they could make a system. Doubtful, but hey, I can dream.


One Response to “WoW Hits 11.5 Million”

  1. Joco Says:

    yeah i use to play wow but just as you said it’s ridiculous to pay so much. so maybe they just have that many people registered and only like 7 million who actually play

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