WoW Hits 11.5 Million

World of Warcraft has recently reached 11.5 million players world wide! That is an extraordinary number considering the monthly fee to even play the game. That’s a profit of at least $50 million a month (I’m not too sure of the monthly fees). 11.5 million people out of several billion in the world. That’s a pretty large percent of the population playing a single game if you think about it.

Included in this 11.5 million are the 4 million copies of the Wrath of Lich King in it’s first month! Blizzard is making a lot of money, and churning out hit after hit. If they keep up this rate they could make a system. Doubtful, but hey, I can dream.


Body Image Affects Gamers

I was just reading news about a recent study performed on the body images of the people in video games affecting the views of gamers on their own image. I couldn’t help but laughing at it. What do they expect programmers to put in their games? Scrawny armed, fat guys and flat girls? I don’t know who judges themselves based upon a video game character, but I think this is a pretty terrible study. You have more to worry about with tv and movies with real people.

What do you guys think? If you care to read the whole thing, it can be seen here.

Xbox 360 Name Inspired by Sony?

I thought this was a rather comical cartoon.

Steam Holiday Sale

Games on the Valve Steam service are on sale from 10-75% off. The sale will continue on until January 2nd 2009. This is a great chance to pick up any of those classic games you’ve been waiting for all year. Some games to check out are Counterstrike Source and The Orange Box.

Let me know what games you are planning on picking up during this sale. This is a great opportunity even if you don’t plan on playing all the games right now.

Fallout 3: Must Buy!

Fallout 3 is one of the dirtiest games I’ve played in recent times. If you’ve got some extra money from the holidays I’d highly suggest you go out and buy this game. It is pretty cool. I can’t even imagine what it would be like on the hardest level in this game. You’d have to be pretty good is all I can say.

I’ll give a more in depth review as I get farther in the game.

Half Off Original Halo

If you haven’t played the original Halo game, I don’t know where you’ve been. If you are like me and didn’t have the original Xbox you have an excuse, barely. This game was legit. It may seem a bit weak now after Halo 2 and 3, but it’s still worth it if you need to know the story line.

Originally it was placed in the Xbox Originals for 1,200 microsoft points ($15), but for this week, and this week only, you can get it for 600 microsoft points ($7.50).  Hurry up and jump on this deal before it goes back up in price.

Merry Christmas!

It’s Christmas, every childs favorite day of the year. You can’t blame me for not getting a post up the last couple of days are pretty busy for every family. Well with presents, comes the potential for new games, and even new systems. I’ve been striving to increase reader comments. Let me know what games you got, and whether it’s worth what the game currently costs.

I’m getting Madden 2009 and possibly Fallout 3. I decided to pass up on Call of Duty: World at War due to its lack of quality maps and weapons. Madden is just an enjoyment for me and Fallout 3 just looks plain dirty.