Free Golden Lancer Assault Rifle for GoW2

So you didn’t get the version that came with the golden lancer but you really want one? Well you’re in luck because you can get them for free! This may not be the newest of news, but to some of you, it’ll be just want you were looking for. Don’t purchase the code for $30 on ebay, and don’t let your friends do that either.

For your free golden lancer assault rifle go to xbox marketplace and sign in. It will then download on your xbox the next time you turn it on.

If you are afraid this is a phishing attempt and too good to be true, simply go to and log in. Then click refresh on the link I sent you and you will appear logged in. Then just download it. Trust me, I was a bit nervous myself when downloading it.


13 Responses to “Free Golden Lancer Assault Rifle for GoW2”

  1. boss legit noscope montage Says:

    why does it say 99999 microsoft points required to download golden lancer?

  2. Jared Stenzel Says:

    Not sure. Try downloading it. I think it’s just a glitch. Nobody has that many ms points so maybe they are just putting that there for some undefined reason. Maybe the number of free lancers has been reaches. Let me know.

  3. Boss Legit Noscope Montage Says:

    Wow. I finally got the free golden lancer. instead of using this source, i used google to search free golden lancer, and then i clicked on one of the links. it had a forum blog thing and someone posted a code of numbers and letters. i thought id give it a shot, and when i put in that code in redeem code slot, i got the free golden lancer. but how do u get the hammurburst one. i am getting greedy…

  4. yo Says:

    how to download it it says not enough microsoft points

  5. Jon Says:

    Boss Legit Noscope Montage
    where did you get that code??????????

  6. mer man Says:

    it says i dont have permission…what do i do ? ?

  7. not important Says:

    hey anyone who gives me the free lancer i will give them 5 free flashback map code and 48 hour trail gold membership so just email me it at

  8. alex Says:

    yo if u use 4 golden lancer will u have it 4ever?

  9. JUSTIN Says:

    yea it says 99999 microsoft points needed and not enoguh microsoft points to purchase

  10. sam Says:

    it keeps on sayin that i dont have enough ms points

  11. andrew Says:

    ya it says 99999 is der one for goldenhammerburst

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