GoW2 Matchmaking Phails

Gears of War 2 had a lot to hold up to as the sequel one of the most successful games on the Xbox 360. On the original Gears of War you could specify exactly what you wanted to play. What game mode, what map, and even with whom to side with on your team. The only thing it was missing was the ability to party up and join the same ranked game as a friend. It was rather difficult to get in a game with a buddy, but not impossible.

So with Gears of War 2 the only change I was hoping for and expecting was the ability to get into a ranked game with your friends. Not only did they make this possible, they added to my excitement with multiple new game modes, and the Halo 2 style in game friends list. It was when I first wanted to get into a game that things started to disappoint me. There is no way to gurantee which game you will play. You get to choose from two different game modes out of three or so options. You then only get to choose out of two randomly selected maps.

While that is better than Halo, Call of Duty, or Battlefields matchmaking, it still falls short of what we loved in the original. That’s not what makes Gears of War 2’s matchmaking fail. It is the sheer speed of it. The Gears of War 2 matchmaking is so slow. I sit and wait to be given a game for twenty minutes at times and I still can’t get a game. If they don’t fix this soon, I may go buy Call of Duty: World at War. If you read my review of that, you’d realize how bad I thought that game was. That should give you an idea of how frustrating this slow matchmaking is.


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