Piracy Becoming Serious Problem

It happened to music, it moved to movies, and now slowly it’s becoming more and more popular in video games. Would you believe a game has a 90% piracy rate?

Apparently a game called World of Goo has a 90% piracy rate. For every 10 copies of the game out there, 9 of them were illegally downloaded. This is just staggering. One would think that it would be impossible for the company to even profit off of this. It’s a popular game, but when it’s that spread around it’s got to be hard to assume many more copies will be purchased as it’s just getting ripped by anybody who wants it.

This is a $20 game. I mean one would think you wouldn’t go through this kind of trouble for a $20 game. 2d boy claims that they are still profitting off the game. Hopefully the Wii starts a similar policy to Microsoft by banning live on a Wii that has a mod chip or stolen copy of a game (essentially the same thing as you need a modchip to play a burnt game).


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